Re: some kernel headers broken in current git ?

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H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Gabriel C wrote:
>>>> BITS_PER_LONG was originally set in <asm/types.h>:
>>>>      39  #ifdef CONFIG_X86_32
>>>>      40  # define BITS_PER_LONG 32
>>>>      41  #else
>>>>      42  # define BITS_PER_LONG 64
>>>>      43  #endif
>>> User land does not know anything about 'CONFIG_X86_32' right ?
> Wait... this is *user mode* code at this point?
> Linux kernel headers aren't includable from user space without 
> processing them through "make headers_install".
> However, from looking at the filenames in your list, it doesn't look 
> like userspace code at all (although they're wrappered to the degree 
> that it's somewhat hard to tell.)  Thus, you're building a kernel 
> module, not userland.

Hmm right is building an kernel modules.

>> That is the problem. I've changed the headers virtualbox need from 
>> #ifdef CONFIG_X86_32 to #ifdef __i386__ and all compiled fine. 
>> ( subarch headers includes are changed manually still but I think it is the same problem )
>> Also all the headers got these defines with CONFIG_X86_32 does not work.
>> ...
>> #ifdef CONFIG_X86_32
>> # include "foo_32.h"
>> #else
>> # include "foo_64.h"
>> #endif
>> ...
>> results in including both header files on my i686 box.
>> I don't know what the right way is to fix that , define some who CONFIG_X86_32 to __i386__ ? or just s/CONFIG_X86_32/__i386__/ ?
> It sounds like something is seriously broken in your setup, or in the 
> VirtualBox makefiles.  From the looks of it, I would say the latter.
> It would help to see how gcc is invoked, but your email message doesn't 
> include any gcc invocations, and your "full error log" weblink is 
> broken, so it's hard to say.

Sorry that box was down some hours I've tested some hardware.

Here is a full build log , virtualbox build against cfa76f024f7c9e65169425804e5b32e71f66d0ee :

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