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Bart Trojanowski wrote:
* Bart Trojanowski <[email protected]> [071019 20:03]:
* Bart Trojanowski <[email protected]> [071019 17:00]:
Once the system is booted, I attached using vnc, then I ssh in and ran
'svn update'... and the host machine froze.

The last messages I on my serial console are:

kvm: unhandled rdmsr: 0x417
kvm: unhandled rdmsr: 0xc0000400
I noticed that linus merged a bunch of KVM changes last week.  I will
try those out next.
It looks like Linus' tree has the fix already.

I spoke too soon.  The latest from Linus' tree also freezes... but it
took overnight to get there.  There was no particular load on it.

This system was previously running 2.6.22.y w/o problems with a similar
kvm pattern.

This time it froze w/o showing any kvm rdmsr messages.  And while it
froze sometime over night, I cannot be sure when.  Here is the SysRq's
"showPc" output:

Does 2.6.23 hang immediately? If so, these may be two separate problems and it's worth bisecting to find out what's the fix in 2.6.24-rc.

Of course we'll have to address the later hang as well.

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