Re: [PATCH] FAT: Fix printk format strings.

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Vegard Nossum <[email protected]> wrote:

> This makes sure printk format strings contain no more than a single
> line.

>  printk(KERN_WARNING
> -                            "FAT: Did not find valid FSINFO signature.\n"
> +                            "FAT: Did not find valid FSINFO signature.\n");
> +                     printk(KERN_WARNING
>  "     Found signature1 0x%08x signature2 0x%08x"
>  " (sector = %lu)\n",

What about something like
"Fat32: Invalid FSINFO signatures 0x%08x, 0x%08x; expected 0x%08x, 0x%08\n" ?
"Fat32: Invalid FSINFO signatures 0x%08x, 0x%08x\n" ?
bus error. passengers dumped.

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