Re: File corruption when using kernels 2.6.18+

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On 09/30/2007 11:40 AM, Neil Romig wrote:
> I am using kernel, and would like to use newer versions for
> the wireless code but I get file corruption with any kernel more recent
> than this. My system uses a SiS645DX chipset (it is a rebadged CLEVO
> D400E) with 5513 IDE.
> I get this corruption with read/writes, i.e using "cp", "dd", when
> compiling software, writing to CD, etc etc. An example:
> cp ../Changelog-2.6.18 .
> diff Changelog-2.6.18 ../Changelog-2.6.18
> 16377c16377
> <       LD      .top_vmlinux1
> ---
>>       LD      .tmp_vmlinux1
> 23954c23954
> < Date:   Mon Jul 1% 04:45:11 2006 -0700
> ---
>> Date:   Mon Jul 10 04:45:11 2006 -0700

Is there some pattern to the corruption, like maybe it occurs once every
N bytes in the file?

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