Re: [PATCH4/4] [POWERPC] Fix cpm_uart driver

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Scott Wood schrieb:
Jochen Friedrich wrote:
In cpm_uart_core, functions cpm_uart_init_bd and cpm_uart_init_scc
an offset into DP RAM is calculated by substracting a physical
memory constant from an virtual address. This patch fixes the
problem by converting the virtual address into a physical
Huh? DPRAM_BASE is a virtual address. With this patch, you'd be
subtracting a virtual address from a physical address.
Thanks for pointing me to it. So the bug is in cpm_uart_cpm1.h assigning
a physical memory to DPRAM_BASE (at least on ARC=ppc). cpm_uart_cpm2.h
seems to be correct though. I'll submit a new patch for this.
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