Re: [RFC PATCH] SCSI: split Kconfig menu into two

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Adrian Bunk wrote:
>>> There should first be the lowlevel SCSI, SATA, USB etc. drivers, these 
>>> drivers should select CONFIG_SCSI, and then the menu offering support 
>>> for disk, CD,...
> If users who don't need it now enable CONFIG_SCSI (and drivers/ide/ 
> usage is not that uncommon) that's a regression in the user interface.

Aha, first all interconnects/transports are configured.  If none of them
'select'ed SCSI, the menu for sd, sr, st stays invisible.  Otherwise it
is exposed.

It still doesn't entirely clarify whether users need sd, sr, st, and
whether thy need sd for the disk with root filesystem.
Stefan Richter
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