Re: Per option CFLAGS?

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On 09/15/2007 01:13 AM, H. Peter Anvin wrote:

Rene Herman wrote:
I have a single file foo.c that I want to generate two (ALSA) modules
from, snd-foo2000.ko and snd-foo2001.ko, by compiling with either
FOO2000 or FOO2001 defined.

I can do this, and ALSA does this a few times, by providing dummy
foo2000.c and foo2001.c files, like:

=== foo2000.c
#define FOO2000
#include "foo.c"

and a regular Makefile

foo2000-objs := foo2000.o
foo2001-objs := foo2001.o

obj-$(CONFIG_SND_FOO2000) += snd-foo2000.o
obj-$(CONFIG_SND_F002001) += snd-foo2001.o

That #include is a little lame though. Is there a nicer way? I noticed
the per-file CFLAGS, but given that it's one source file for both, that
doesn't fit.

The stub source file is usually considered a good way to do this.
Mmm. If I'll have to live with it, I can, but thought I'd ask if there was
some nice build trickery available instead.
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