On thread scheduling

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Consider a simple embedded system:

void interrupt_handler(void)

int main(void)

I would like to "emulate" this system with a workstation to make 
development faster. I would create two threads, one executing the 
main() function, and the other occasionally calling interrupt_handler(). 
Before interrupt_handler() is called, the main() thread should be 
stopped asynchronously.

I looked into pthreads documentation and found only pthread_kill(thread, 
SIGTSTP) to do asynchronous stop, but then I also have to play terminal 
tricks to avoid problems..

Is there are function to just disable scheduling of a single thread 
without having other side-effects (such as terminal stuff)? Functions 
like pthread_disable_scheduling(thread) and 
pthread_enable_scheduling(thread) would be good for this..

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