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Linus Torvalds <[email protected]> wrote:

> That "current_cred" thing is really too ugly to live.


> Why is it trying to make it look like a variable?

Like 'current' for instance?

	static __always_inline struct task_struct *get_current(void)
		return x86_read_percpu(current_task);

	#define current get_current()

> That will just confuse people, and/or make them think it's a cheap thing
> rather than some complex function call.

Yes, I know it's silly.

One thing I was trying to do was make it possible to change how the cred
structure was accessed without having to keep going back and change a whole
load of stuff each time.

> IOW, this patch should be taken out and shot, for apparently actively 
> trying to obfuscate what the heck is going on.

It's a 'test' patch, as you'll note from the subject, and not particularly
near completion.  I'm interested in garnering useful comments, particularly on
the points of concern that I raised.

I have no intention of asking you to merge it as it stands - I was hoping that
would be clear.

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