Re: Building a kernel-source RPM (not a kernel RPM)?

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On Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:13:41 -0700, Dan Stromberg wrote:

> I sent this to kernel newbies first, and while I got one response there,
> it answered a different question than the one I was asking...
> I'm on a SuSE system.
> I'm working on automating the install of said system, but it needs a
> Linus kernel - specifically, and it needs kernel source too so
> that we can build modules in the field as needed.
> I see you can make an rpm of a bootable kernel with "make rpm".
> Is there a streamlined way of building a corresponding kernel-source
> RPM?  Or do people pretty much all just dump the source in /usr/src, and
> manually update symlinks as needed?  If the latter, what symlinks need
> to be updated?

Please note that I don't mean just a .src.rpm.

Also, I probably should point out that I've spent a couple of hours
googling about this, and am not finding much.

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