Re: sk98lin for 2.6.23-rc1

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On Sat, Sep 08, 2007 at 01:44:20PM -0400, Bill Davidsen wrote:
> That was with (or so), dropped back to an old kernel with sk98lin, 
> previously had uptimes in three digit days. Up for a week or so now.

There is a real long-term advantage of removing drivers like sk98lin 
because it forces people to report bugs if the new driver doesn't work  
instead of giving them the workaround of using the obsolete driver.    
And this has the (at first sight surprising) effect that removing code  
results in an improvement of the kernel.

> Haven't tried later kernels, don't intend to, while no network is really 
> secure, it not really useful.

You are a regular reader of linux-kernel, and therefore the sk98lin 
removal can hardly be a surprise for you. If you prefer whining over 
helping to improve the kernel that's your choice...

> Bill Davidsen



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