Re: [PATCH] [ALSA] Added new pin config for first gen macbook.

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On Tuesday 04 September 2007 15:18:23 Abhijit Bhopatkar wrote:
> > Anyway, it'd be helpful if someone else can check the same MacBook
> > (1st generation, not Pro?) whether the problem is reproducible.
> To be precise its Macbook 1st Generation non pro.  with subsystem id
> 0x106b0a00
> Well a friend of mine has the same model and i tried things out on his
> machine. to my surprise :(, the original 2.6.23-rc5 is working fine on his
> machine.
> So on my machine we booted to windows and tested things out. The sound
> on my machine doesn't work in windows either, although its working in
> OSX.
> So sorry for all the noise its most likely a hardware problem after all.
> Although i am baffled as to why old pin config works on this
> particular broken hardware.
> I hope i didn't bug you too much, i appreciate your quick responses.

I think the first generation macbook firmwares weren't completely other-OS 
ready when they were shipped (no bootcamp in firmware, iirc). Have you 
applied all available firmware updates? Do you use bootcamp?


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