Re: [RFC][PATCH 1/6] Storing ipcs into IDRs

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[email protected] writes:

> This patch introduces ipcs storage into IDRs. The main changes are:
>   . This ipc_ids structure is changed: the entries array is changed into a
>     root idr structure.
>   . The grow_ary() routine is removed: it is not needed anymore when adding
>     an ipc structure, since we are now using the IDR facility.
>   . The ipc_rmid() routine interface is changed:
>        . there is no need for this routine to return the pointer passed in as
>          argument: it is now declared as a void
>        . since the id is now part of the kern_ipc_perm structure, no need to
>          have it as an argument to the routine

Thanks for doing this work. It was long overdue.

Do you have any data how this changes memory consumption with 
many objects? 

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