Re: [PATCH 2.6.23] ibmebus: Prevent bus_id collisions

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On Friday 31 August 2007, Joachim Fenkes wrote:
> > The whole logic of dynamically adding and removing device is rather 
> bogus,
> > and it prevents autoloading of device drivers. of_platform_make_bus_id
> > is the function that is responsible for creating unique names over 
> there.
> The plaintiff makes a valid point. How about a staging approach: We put 
> the patch as it is now into 2.6.23 so the problem is fixed, and I'll post 
> a "nice" version with autoloading support and a generic of_make_bus_id 
> function for 2.6.24. Agree?

Ok, sounds fair. Can you make sure that the resulting bus_id is the same
for the final version then?

	Arnd <><
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