[no patch] Remove more double inclusions

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Pipes for the world...

	find . -type f -iname "*.[ch]" -print0 | \
	xargs -0 grep -P '#\s*include' /dev/null | \
	sort | \
	uniq -c | \
	sort -gr | \
	less -MSi

turns up all the double-inclusions. Needs someone to review, because odd 
things like

	/* meh */

	#if defined(ABC)
	#	include "foo.h"
	#elif defined(DEF)
	#	include "foo.h"
	#	whatever

are done. Or, that <foo.h> actually changes its meaning depending on a 

	/* ugly */

	#define FOO expand_me
	#include <foo.h>
	#undef FOO

	#define FOO something_else
	#include <foo.h>
	#undef FOO

happy hunting.

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