Re: [PATCH] sn-ia64: allow drivers to flush in-flight DMA

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The overall approach looks fine to me, although I'm not the arbiter of
taste for the DMA API.

However, I think this wants to be split into at least three parts for
merging: adding the dmaflush flags stuff into the DMA API; adding the
dmaflush parameter to the ib_umem_get() API (and fixing every caller);
and using that API to fix mthca on SGI boxes.  (And also there should
probably be a 4th patch to fix the same issue with mlx4 at least, and
possibly further patches for other drivers such as the cxgb3 RDMA
driver, etc)

Also further comments below:

 >  struct ib_umem *ib_umem_get(struct ib_ucontext *context, unsigned long addr,
 > -			    size_t size, int access)
 > +			    size_t size, int access, int dmaflush)

This change means every caller of ib_umem_get needs to be fixed up as
part of the patch.

 > @@ -1027,7 +1029,14 @@ static struct ib_mr *mthca_reg_user_mr(struct ib_pd *pd, u64 start, u64 length,
 >  	if (!mr)
 >  		return ERR_PTR(-ENOMEM);
 > -	mr->umem = ib_umem_get(pd->uobject->context, start, length, acc);
 > +	if (ib_copy_from_udata(&ucmd, udata, sizeof ucmd)) {
 > +		err = -EFAULT;
 > +		goto err;
 > +	}

trivial, but you might as well do the copy_from_udata before
allocating mr, so that you can just return ERR_PTR(-EFAULT) without
having to free mr on the error path.

 > +	dmaflush = (int) ucmd.mr_attrs & MTHCA_MR_DMAFLUSH;
 > +
 > +	mr->umem = ib_umem_get(pd->uobject->context, start, length, acc, 
 > +			       dmaflush);

I think the dmaflush temporary variable isn't adding anything, and
certainly the cast to int is unnecessary.  Anyway, it looks better to
me to write this simply as

	mr->umem = ib_umem_get(pd->uobject->context, start, length, acc, 
			       ucmd.mr_attrs & MTHCA_MR_DMAFLUSH);

 > +#define MTHCA_MR_DMAFLUSH 0x1	/* flush in-flight DMA on a write to 
 > +				 * memory region (IA64_SGI_SN2 only) */

I would leave out the commentary about this being SN2-only -- the
whole point is to use a generic API to hide this detail.

 - R.
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