Re: [GIT PATCH] scsi bug fixes for 2.6.23-rc2

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James Bottomley wrote:
OK ... that's arguable.  This one is larger than I like because of the
lpfc bug fix patch ... I accept I need to do a better job getting these
into the merge window via the scsi-misc tree.  So I will accept the "too
big" criticism and try to manage the driver maintainers better.

However, I won't accept the "not bug fixes only" criticism at -rc1.  The
problem is that we're trying to stabilise a new feature: bsg.
Just so we don't lose the forest for the trees...

Not trying to put words in Linus's mouth, but it seems to me he wasn't complaining specifically about bsg. "style cleanups", "cosmetic cleanups", ancient ISA driver polishing (1542, my gdth patch) are definitely not "bug fix only" material.
The lpfc update was probably the biggest thing, LOC-wise. And even
though that was mostly bug fixes -- and notably NOT 100% fixes -- it is
big enough to warrant integration testing and exposure prior to
mainline. Definitely merge-window-open material AFAICS.

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