Re: Increased CPU usage after upgrading to 2.6.21

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> I recently upgraded from 2.6.19, and found the following issues:
>     1. 2.6.20 crashed and ran terribly on my system.
>     2. 2.6.21 runs on my system, but has a few issues: First, I noticed
>        that in 2.6.19 when my system was idle, Gkrellm would show my CPU
>        usage as 0%. In 2.6.21, when my system is idle, Gkrellm shows my
>        cpu usage as anything between 1 and 3%.
>        Second, I noticed that X sometimes crashes on resume (i.e. when I
>        wake my computer up after suspending to ram). Again, this happens
>        only *sometimes*, and is not consistently reproducible. I had no
>        issues with 2.6.19 (which I used for a long time).
>     3. For The CPU usage issue is the same as above. I only
>        tested the kernel for a brief period of time (minutes), during
>        which I experienced no crash.
> If you have any idea why my CPU usage is reported higher, please let me
> know. I've attached the config files of both my kernels.
> About the random crash: I'm not sure how to give you more info on it,
> since I can't consistently reproduce it. Would you have any suggestions
> on what I should do to trace the problem down?

Well, try suspend 50 times in a row to make it reproducible? Then try
unloading modules...

(cesky, pictures)
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