Re: [PATCH] Off-by-one in /sys/module/*/refcnt

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Kay Sievers wrote:
>> @@ -785,7 +785,7 @@ static ssize_t show_refcnt(struct module_attribute *mattr,
>>                            struct module *mod, char *buffer)
>>  {
>>         /* sysfs holds a reference */
>> -       return sprintf(buffer, "%u\n", module_refcount(mod)-1);
>> +       return sprintf(buffer, "%u\n", module_refcount(mod));
>>  }
> It's likely caused by sysfs core changes, that opened attributes are
> no longer coupled to the refcount of modules. They used to take a
> reference.
> The "holds a reference" comment should be removed along with your fix.
> Adding Tejun, to confirm this.

Yeap, that's correct.  Opening a sysfs node doesn't hold the module anymore.


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