Re: Woke up to a crashed kernet this morning - nVidia is crap

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OK - so the driver I downloaded from nVidia to fix
their problem I was having with the video installed
drivers for everything? I'm really getting to dislike

--- Michal Piotrowski
<[email protected]> wrote:

> Nvidia binary crap
> "    When you are using a binary driver, the kernel
> is "tainted",
> which means that the source
> of possible problems may be unrelated to the kernel
> code (see
> https://secure-support.
> for more de-
> tails). You can check whether or not the kernel was
> tainted when the
> problem occurred by
> looking at the corresponding error message. If can
> you see something
> similar to the following
> line:
> EIP:       0060:[<c046c7c3>]        Tainted: P     
> (the word Tainted is crucial here), the kernel was
> tainted and most
> probably the kernel
> developers will not be able to help you. In that
> case you should try
> to reproduce the problem
> without the binary driver loaded. Moreover, if the
> problem does not
> occur without it, you
> should send a bug report to the creators of the
> binary driver and ask
> them to �x it.
>     In the �le Documentation/oops-tracing.txt,
> included in the kernel
> sources, there is a
> list of reasons why the kernel can be considered as
> tainted. As
> follows from this document,
> the presence of a binary module is not the only
> possible reason of
> tainting the kernel, but
> in practice it turns out to be the most frequent
> one. Generally, you
> should avoid reporting
> problems in tainted kernels to the LKML (or to the
> kernel developers
> in general) and the
> problems related to binary drivers should be
> reported to their providers."
> -- Linux Kernel Tester's Guide
> Regards,
> Michal
> -- 

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