Re: [PATCH 000 of 35] Refactor block layer to improve support for stacked devices.

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On Wednesday August 1, [email protected] wrote:
> In any case, why does something so complicated need to be a macro, why
> not a function instead?

There needs to be a macro so you can put a statement after it to be
executed "for each ..."
But you are right that it doesn't all need to be in the one macro.

The idea of something like

#define bio_for_each_segment_offset(bv, bio, _i, offset, _size) \
	for (bio_iterator_init(bio, &_i, &bv, offset, _size);	\
	     i.remaining > 0 ;					\
	     bio_next(bio, &_i, &bv))
with bio_iterator_init and bio_next being (inline?) functions is a
very good one.  I'll see what works.

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