Re: [2.6 patch] let SUSPEND select HOTPLUG_CPU

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> > Wait, doesn't HOTPLUG_CPU also depend on EXPERIMENTAL?
> Damn, I started thinking about it, and then forgot about it when 
> finishing the patch.
> My thoughts were:
> Is HOTPLUG_CPU still an experimental feature, or has it become a 
> well-tested no longer experimental feature now that it's used on
> most recent laptops?

It is complex :-(.

HOTPLUG_CPU is pretty solid for the case how _suspend_ uses it (ie
drivers quiescent).

It is also known broken for _other_ uses. (There was flamewar about
that recently).

I'm not sure how to express that in Kconfig language without
uglyness... We probably could split HOTPLUG_CPU into
HOTPLUG_CPU_SUSPEND_ONLY (not experimental) and HOTPLUG_CPU (enables
/sysfs interface)... but I do not think that is good idea. (It would
also make suspend debugging a bit harder).

(cesky, pictures)
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