Re: [PATCH 2/2] Introduce CONFIG_SUSPEND

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On Jul 29, 2007, at 17:30:40, Richard Hughes wrote:
So are you guys using:

"standby" = idle state, ~0.5 seconds
"suspend" = sleep to ram, ~10 seconds
"hibernate" = sleep to disk, ~30 seconds

If so - you rock. This is the common nomenclature I've been pushing for a few months now in GNOME, KDE and general userspace. I've written up a
spec here:*checkout*/gnome-power-manager/docs/ sleep-names.html
Well, those times don't quite work for my PowerBook. If we fixed
suspend-to-RAM to reinitialize devices in parallel then it would
easily hit 0.5 second transition times, but even now it's only at
most 2 seconds. Also once in a while I'll be too hasty plugging my
USB devices and manage to hardlock one of the USB busses, but that's
an isolated USB driver suspend issue.
And it's certainly not called "standby", because the box can
literally remain asleep for 7 days on a full charge, versus about 5
hours when just idle with wireless, backlight, and HDD off.
Kyle Moffett
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