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On Mon, Jul 16, 2007 at 12:38:11AM +0200, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:

> > Or the user unplugs their flash drive after hibernation rather than before.
> > 
> > Two things which I think would be nice to consider are:
> >    1) Encryption - I'd actually prefer if my luks device did not
> >        remember the key accross a hibernation; I want to be forced to
> >        reenter the phrase.  However I don't know what the best thing
> >        to do to partitions/applications using the luks device is.
> Encryption is possible with both the userland hibernation (aka uswsusp) and
> TuxOnIce (formerly known as suspend2).  Still, I don't consider it as a "must
> have" feature for a framework to be generally useful (many users don't use it
> anyway).

If a user uses an encrypted filesystem, then he also needs an encrypted
swap and encrypted hibernation image: Otherwise the fileystem encryption
is not very useful.

Forgetting the filesystem/swap decryption keys before hibernation is
probably harder to do - there may be sensitive data in the kernel memory
image that weren't cleared - even if the key itself is not there.

In my opinion, encrypted hibernation is what every notebook user should
want - that's the only way how to make sure data from the notebook
aren't available when the notebook is physically stolen.

Vojtech Pavlik
Director SuSE Labs
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