Re: mislinked by buggy linker was Re: Linus 2.6.23-rc1

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> Looking at, if you change just VDSO_TEXT_OFFSET to 0xc00 and
> don't tweak the linker script, then you jump backwards with the dot, you
> should even get a linker warning about it:
>   .text           : { *(.text) }                :text
>   .text.ptr       : { *(.text.ptr) }            :text
>   . = VDSO_PRELINK + 0x900;
> Guess that 0x900 should have been VDSO_TEXT_OFFSET + 0x400 or something
> similar.  Also note that it is highly desirable to fit the whole vdso into
> one page, so increasing VDSO_TEXT_OFFSET etc. offsets too much is just
> wasting memory.  From the above dump, VDSO_TEXT_OFFSET 0x500 is too low,
> but 0x600 should work, 

The reporter reported only 0xc00 worked, which is mysterious.

Also how do we get rid of the 1MB padding on those binutils? 

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