Re: [PATCH][RFC] 4K stacks default, not a debug thing any more...?

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Jesper Juhl wrote:
Yes and no.  If that will get things moving in the direction of
getting rid of the stack size as a config option, then I'm all for it.
But on the other hand it is my personal opinion that this is an area
where we should just make up our minds as to whether we want 4K or 8K
stacks and whether we want interrupt stacks or not, and then not have
it configurable at all.
Well, smaller stacks are better where possible, but there's nothing
magic about 4k. Sure, its mostly enough, but there's no particular
reason to believe it will be enough for everything. You could state a
priori that all kernel code paths must fit into 4k of stack, but that's
pretty arbitrary.
I'm tempted to post a patch making XFS depend on 8K stacks. I know is
simplistic, given that it seems to be xfs+lvm which is particularly
problematic, and other filesystems+lvm are also a problem. But its
better than crashing.
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