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On Sun, 8 Jul 2007 17:53:56 +0200 Rolf Eike Beer wrote:

> This are some random patches I've lying around here. They are not related to 
> each other
> 1) Use kcalloc() in drivers/video/aty/atyfb_base.c
> 2) Initialize filp->private_data only once in em28xx_v4l2_open
> 3) [Doc] Fix typos in fs/sysfs/file.c
> 4) [Doc] Document pci_iomap()


Please don't make unrelated/random patches look like a patch series.

>From Documentation/SubmittingPatches:

(where a "patch series" is an ordered sequence of multiple,
related patches)

*** Remember to use Documentation/SubmitChecklist when testing your code ***
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