Re: Please revert 21564fd2a3deb48200b595332f9ed4c9f311f2a7

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Alan Cox wrote:
2.6.22's behaviour is the bug. 2.6.21 you couldn't load random binary
crap into the kernel without logging a taint. 2.6.22 you can. This means
every single 2.6.22 bug report has to be assumed to be caused by binary
module crap as a starting point which slows down debug immensely.
Er, what? What do you mean by "load random binary crap"? Are you
worried that a malicious kernel module might modify paravirt_ops? How
is that different from a malicious module doing any of the infinite
other things a malicious module can do? A module will only register a
taint if its playing by the rules anyway, and a module playing by the
rules won't touch paravirt_ops directly.

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