md device files missing at boot time

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Hi folks,

one of the systems I'm working with was changed (copied) from single (scsi - sda1)
to multiple disk (raid1) (sdb1,sdc1 --> md0).
When I try to boot from the new created md-device it stops with:
loading reiserfs
"Waiting for device /dev/md0 to appear: ........ not found -- Exiting to /bin/sh

# ls -la /dev/md*
shows nothing, so I understand why the "/" cannot be mounted, but
where are the /dev/md* files (I found them in "/lib/udev/devices")?

The kernel is vanilla, the (I think) needed hardware and filesystem
drivers are built in modules and put into an initrd file for loading at boot time.

Does anyone have an idea what I might do wrong?

Thanks - Ingo.
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