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On 6/23/07, Roman Zippel <[email protected]> wrote:
On Sat, 23 Jun 2007, Satyam Sharma wrote:

> 1. Kconfig symbols will always have code associated with them.
> That's the entire purpose of Kconfig, is it not?

A possible counter example: CONFIG_SCSI.
(RAID_ATTRS is currently a little misplaced).
It's optional for any config symbol to have any code attached to it,
menuconfig doesn't change anything.
CONFIG_SCSI _does_ have code associated with it.

[ I was expecting you to give the counter-example of various
config symbols that control the assignment of some value to
some variable, actually, but then I would've countered back
with the fact that a variable is also "code" and not something
that is only about presentation / user interface :-) ]

> 2. "menuconfig" symbols, otoh, were _invented_ for another reason
> entirely: presentation and user interface i.e. so that users are able
> to disable entire menus (and all the options contained therein)
> without having to enter into the menu first, and without having to
> disable all options individually (which was the situation that existed
> before the introduction of these menuconfig objects).

Since I'm the one who _invented_ it, I can tell you you're wrong. :)
This functionality isn't limited to menuconfig symbols. The menu option
simply changes how the child symbols can be displayed.
Yup, so how / why am I wrong? I was making the point that a
"menuconfig" does not have code associated with it. Why else
_was_ it invented then, if not only for presentation / user interface
purposes? I really don't see what role it plays as a "config symbol"
in Kconfig (other than the fact that that is how it got implemented
to do its thing).

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