RE: how about mutual compatibility between Linux's GPLv2 and GPLv3?

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Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> However, if GPLv3 had a permission to combine/link with code under
> GPLv2, *and* Linux (and any other projects interested in mutual
> compatibility) introduced an additional permission to combine/link
> with code under GPLv3 (or even GPLv3+, constrained by some condition
> if you will), then:

Wouldn't that defeat the entire purpose of the GPLv3? Couldn't I take any
GPLv3 program, combine it with a few lines of Linux code, and Tivoize the

The fundamental problem is this: Any proposed mutually compatible license
must either permit or prohibit Tivoization. If it prohibits it, then it's no
different from changing the kernel license to GPLv3. If it allows it, then
it's no different from the GPLv2 and it would be suicide to the whole
purpose of the GPLv3 for it to be compatible with it.


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