Re: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

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> Red Hat created the "Fedora" trademark to have a separate and more liberally 
> licensed trademark that people like could use without 
> reflecting on Red Hat Enterprise.  Unfortunately, trying to find reference 
> for this is non-obvious, because, the Fedora Trademarks page is: 
> Which contains no actual content, but instead links to a 
> page which is 404. :P

That would be a bug 8)

> But again, it's trademark not copyright they're restricting.

Correct - all the vendors face the problem that there are people out
there who want to try and pass crap on using someone elses good name
whether its toothpaste, perfume or software (or in the case of RHEL
software/services/support bundles)

The Fedora mark is thus used to make sure that if you get a Fedora CD, it
actually has -Fedora- on it etc.

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