Re: [patch 00/14] Page cache cleanup in anticipation of Large Blocksize support

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On Thursday 14 June 2007, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> Christophs patches are an extremly useful cleanup and can stand on their
> own.  Right now PAGE_CACHE_SIZE and friends are in there and now one can
> keep them distinct because their useage is not clear at all.  By making
> the macros per-mapping at least the useage is clear.
> That beeing said we should do a full conversion so that PAGE_CACHE_SIZE
> just goes away, otherwise the whole excercise is rather pointless.

I agree with Christoph  and Christoph here.  The page_cache_xxx() macros are 
cleaner than PAGE_CACHE_SIZE.  Too many places have gotten it wrong too many 
times.  Let's go ahead with them even if we never implement variable cache 
page size.

Dave McCracken
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