Re: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

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> I've been following this discussion and I find this interesting.
> Consider these two cases:
> 1.) I ship the device back to the manufacturer, they replace the ROM,
>     and ship it back to me.
> 2.) I ship the device back to the manufacturer, they load new code
>     into it, and ship it back to me.
> How do these two differ?  Or is it now just a question of the ROM

Thats one thing I don't like about the GPL3 special casing.

> being in a socket?  I can't see how the technicalities of how the
> hardware is constructed can change the legality of the software.

In the replace/reflash the ROM case its about access to the righ tools -
I could do it myself, send it to another company to load my code etc.

In the Tivo case its about one company having the ability to make such
mods and blocking others from doing so.
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