Re: Dual-Licensing Linux Kernel with GPL V2 and GPL V3

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On Jun 13, 2007, [email protected] wrote:

> since the latest draft of the GPLv3 now discriminates against some
> uses (industrial vs commercial I think are the terms used) 

  A "User Product" is either (1) a "consumer product," which means any
  tangible personal property which is normally used for personal,
  family, or household purposes, or (2) anything designed or sold for
  incorporation into a dwelling.

> does it even qualify as a Open Source lincense anymore by the OSI
> terms?

The definition is about the hardware, not the software, so it may
still qualify.

Alexandre Oliva
FSF Latin America Board Member
Red Hat Compiler Engineer   [email protected]{,}
Free Software Evangelist  [email protected]{,}
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