Re: 2.6.22-rc[23]: blinking capslock led, stuck keys?

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On Wed, June 13, 2007 10:18, Pavel Machek wrote:
>> Well, as I said before, I've the "stuck key"/repeated output too (as well
>> as a warping PS/2 mouse), but no blinking led problem, so I believe the
>> two things are totally unrelated.
> Well, after turning off CONFIG_BLINK, my problems went away, and with
> a fast-blink done from userspace, I can make them way worse. They
> _are_ related here.

I missed you saying that before, so to me it looked like everyone just
assumed that.

So, just for fun, I tried running:

while true; do setleds +num; setleds -num; done

and it totally locked up my keyboard. Even SysRq didn't work. On the
bright side, the numlock LED was indeed blinking. Though running the
same with a sleep 0.1 added doesn't produce any problems. So maybe
my problem is indeed a bit related to this after all, somehow. Anyone
any ideas how to debug this problem?



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