sata_nv adma issues

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My system has issues running adma mode with sata_nv. I have an nforce4
What is the current status of this problem?

Is there any information I can provide to help debug it?

I gave up trying various fixes about 6 months ago, and put "sata_nv.adma=0" on the kernel command line in LILO, and that fixed the problem.
However, recently I changed distributions and went back to 2.6.20 (kubuntu 7.04).

This kernel says that sata_nv.adma=0 is an invalid kernel option.

I'm pretty puzzled by that, because it is supposed to disable adma mode in the sata_nv driver.
/proc/cmdline says:

root=<hash> ro sata_nv.adma=0 quiet splash it seems I did give the parameter properly.

Any ideas appreciated.

Is there a better way to deal with this?

Also, one more: does it hurt to wait until the sata_nv driver fails a few times (at which point it stops bitching) and use the machine? Once it fails about 6 times, I no longer have any issues, and speed is still good enough to use until a real fix can be had.

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