Re: libata limiting to UDMA/33 instead of UDMA/100

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On Sat, 9 Jun 2007 13:21:24 +0200
"Udo A. Steinberg" <[email protected]> wrote:

> Hi,
> After switching an older machine over from the PDC20265 PATA driver to the
> libata driver pata_pdc202xx_old my HDDs are now limited to UDMA/33. With the
> old driver they were happily running with UDMA/100.


> I'm including the relevant kernel output for both cases below.


> scsi0 : pata_pdc202xx_old
> scsi1 : pata_pdc202xx_old
> ata1: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x00019400 ctl 0x00019002 bmdma 0x00018000 irq 0
> ata2: PATA max UDMA/100 cmd 0x00018800 ctl 0x00018402 bmdma 0x00018008 irq 0
> ata1.00: ata_hpa_resize 1: sectors = 60036480, hpa_sectors = 60036480
> ata1.00: ATA-5: IBM-DTLA-307030, TX4OA5AA, max UDMA/100
> ata1.00: 60036480 sectors, multi 16: LBA 
> ata1.01: ata_hpa_resize 1: sectors = 241254720, hpa_sectors = 241254720
> ata1.01: ATA-6: IC35L120AVV207-0, V24OA63A, max UDMA/100
> ata1.01: 241254720 sectors, multi 16: LBA48 
> ata1.00: limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable
> ata1.01: limited to UDMA/33 due to 40-wire cable

What sort of cable is actually in use here ?

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