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On Mon, Jun 04, 2007 at 10:26:05PM +0200, Antonio Mignolli wrote:
> Interesting...
> The lid problem was solved, but many others arised.
> I don't remember what lapic is, I didn't put the lapic on kernel
> command line, but it seemed to be active by default:
> # find /sys -name "*lapic*"
> /sys/devices/system/lapic_nmi
> /sys/devices/system/lapic_nmi/lapic_nmi0
> /sys/devices/system/lapic
> /sys/devices/system/lapic/lapic0
> I put a "nolapic" in cmdline, and this time no hangs,
> even WITH acpi support in kernel, pressing the button
> a dozen of times (without nolapic it hanged after a couple of times).

Just sounds like local APIC issues are really wide-spread then ;)
I'm really wondering whether it's the kernel which is not doing enough here.
Too many BIOSes with issues, it seems.

> BUT:
> - Module b44 (broadcom network adapter) fails to load, giving,
>    with debug actived:
>    b44 0000:01:0e.0: Cannot find proper PCI device base address, aborting.

Known issue I think, b44 stuff was discussed on LKML very recently.

> - Alsa does not work

Hmm. Known issue, too, I think. ALSA stuff was... (c.f. above ;).

> ... No time for analyze other issues.
> Thanks for helping,
> I'll take a look to lapic.

Maybe try pci=routeirq or some other useful parameters from

And believe me that I'll take a HARD look at lapic stuff, too.

Andreas Mohr
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