Re: IDE/ATA: Intel i865-based mainboard, CDROM not detected

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Hi Bill

> > A collegue of mine has an Intel mainboard with the i865 chipset onboard
> > (DQ965).  All kernels up to and including 2.6.22-rc2 do not detect the IDE
> > CDROM/DVDROM when booting.  The SATA hard drive is found without any
> > problems.
> > 
> Let me belatedly ask if the device shows up in POST at cold boot. It may 
> need some BIOS setting to be visible.

The CDROM was showing up in the POST in all cases.

It turns out the problem (as I outlined in a followup post) resulted from a
combination of issues.

 1) This board uses a Marvell PATA controller, so the relevant driver must
    be configured.

 2) Unless the "Configure SATA as" setting in the BIOS is set to "AHCI" the
    PATA controller won't be found.  Sounds a bit odd and counter-intuitive,
    but that's what's happening.  Originally this item was set to IDE; the
    other option is RAID but I haven't tested that.

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