Re: fails to suspend/resume to disk (sort of)

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On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 10:01 +0200, Antonino Ingargiola wrote:
> Hi,
> 2007/5/23, Romano Giannetti <[email protected]>:
> [cut]
> > Uf, I will try to find the time. I am on my way to try to compile
> > now. Problem is that a kernel compile "the ubuntu way" last
> > hours here. If there is an expert on make-kpkg here, I could use some
> > advise.

> Is not the ubuntu or debian way to take hours to compile. Is that you
> have to trim the config and enable the only modules you need for your
> hardware, then a rebuild cycle could last 10-15 min.

That is a problem, yes. But I was referring to the need of a make-kpkg
clean every time you recompile changing the EXTRAVERSION, wich forces a
make clean. I am trying to discover how to build manually and initramfs
that works...

> You will spend one hour once to cut down the configuration, but then
> you can reuse the .config for new kernels too with make oldconfig.

Yep, done that. The kernel does not boot (in the initramfs, there is
a /dev/hda1 but it refuses to mount; and yes, I have ext3 and ext2
compiled in, checked a lot of things, no joy. Will retry).

> To find the minimum configuration for you hardware use lspci -v,
> menuconfig help, and look at chapter 7 and 8 of Linux Kernel in a
> Nutshell:
> Also, pasting "lspci -n" output in the following page can be of some help:
> Hope this helps.

What would be great is a tool that generate a config starting from the
lsmod list, to start from there and _enable_ more thing... but I know,
I'm dreaming.


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