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I wanted to mail earlier, but I had always something get in my way.

I used cfs v13 since you announced it. Since patching the kernel ( 
with cfs v13 
I did the following things;

- big backup of home onto tape and restoring it after changing to reiser4 
(yes, I know the threads about its problems, but I always wanted to try it - 
and when fragmentation reached the point of unbearable, I switched. The 
really important stuff is still on a different fs, and I figured that using 
an experimental fs might be the kick I need to do frequently updates 

- lots and lots and lots of compiling. And then some more compiling.

- burning dvds (I also switched to libata - if you go experimental, why don't 
do it completly... only the dvd drive and a 'data dump' harddisk are 
affected.. but hey, since then no surprise-pio-mode anymore...)

- some ut2004 

- assorted desktop stuff. typing, surfing, video, music,  - most of 
it in parallel. some 'minor' games like freeciv, wesnoth, lgeneral.

- some vegastrike-svn

So far I am pretty satisfied.  I can't see any regressions, music is 
skip-free, videos play nice, burning dvds is fast, ut2004 and vegastrike play 
well. The other games can't be better and did not get worse. Everything else 
behaves like always.

Glück Auf,
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