Re: fair clock use in CFS

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Ingo Molnar wrote:
> the current task is recalculated at scheduler tick time and put into the
> tree at its new position. At a million tasks the fair-clock will advance
> little (or not at all - which at these load levels is our smallest
> problem anyway) so during a scheduling tick in kernel/sched_fair.c
> update_curr() we will have a 'delta_mine' and 'delta_fair' of near zero
> and a 'delta_exec' of ~1 million, so curr->wait_runtime will be
> decreased at 'full speed': delta_exec-delta_mine, by almost a full tick.
> So preemption will occur every sched_granularity (rounded up to the next
> tick) points in time, in wall-clock time.

The only problem I have with this fairness is the server workload that 
services requests by fork/thread creation.  In such a case, this fairness is 
completely counter-productive, as running tasks unfairly inhibit the 
creation of peers.

Giving fork/thread creation special priority may alleviate this problem.



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