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Am 14.05.2007 01:20 schrieb David Miller:
>> ESP Scsi Driver Core (SCSI_ESP_CORE) [N/m] (NEW)
> This one is a case where the option makes no sense by itself,
> it provides the core common code for other front-end drivers.
> The documentation exists in those front end drivers, which
> in turn auto-matically select and enable this config option.

Thanks for the explanation. I never saw those other front-end
drivers, perhaps because for lack of information I just chose
the default of "N" on this one.

> It would be nice if there was a Kconfig way to not provide
> this thing at all unless one of the front-ends got selected
> but on the otherhand I like how anyone can select it and thus
> test the build of it :-)

Well, as it stands, I am presented with that option but I don't
have the faintest idea what "ESP" is and whether it would even
be worth attempting to compile it. I would have preferred to
see at least a short explanation of the term in order to decide
whether it would be worth trying.


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