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O> Oh, I am not advocating censorship. I was merely pointing out that it 
> seems silly to mention out-of-tree users because they come and go. Who 
> knows whether LTTng or SystemTAP will be relevant five years from now? 

And in the intervening five years (or more likely 7 or more for
systemtap) the documentation will be very useful.

> Besides, are we sure the document includes all potential users now? We 
> wouldn't want to show favorism to any particular projects, now would we?

Absolutely not - and isn't it more useful to let users know about all of
the tools that this enables ?

> On Thu, 10 May 2007, Alan Cox wrote: 
> > And as I keep saying the tree is full of references to out of tree stuff.
> > The documentation directory alone currently contains over a thousand http
> > URLS as of 2.6.21-rc6-mm1.
> Many of the already out of date or expiring in the near future... 

Have you done a statistically valid sampling or is this guessing ?

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