Re: [SOLVED] Serial buffer corruption [was Re: FTDI usb-serial possible bug]

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2007/5/6, Antonino Ingargiola <[email protected]>:
2007/5/5, Oliver Neukum <[email protected]>:
> Am Samstag, 5. Mai 2007 20:08 schrieb Antonino Ingargiola:
> > Now I don't want to abuse your kindness, but I (personally) would be
> > *really* interested in a similar fix for the FTDI usb-serial driver,
> > because many measurements I do use an FTDI device.
> Does this work?

Thanks for the patch! Alas, I will have access to an FTDI device only
on Tuesday, then I'll test it and report results.
Sorry. I've not been able to try this ftdi patch yet. My work pc has
ubuntu dapper with 2.6.15 kernel. I've compiled 2.6.21 there but the
leap is too much and there are probably udev incompatibilities so the
/dev entry is not created for any USB device.

I need to install a newer distro to work with mainline.

This mail is just to point out that the patch is not forgotten, just
need more time to try it.


 ~ Antonio
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