Re: [PATCH] Intel IXP4xx network drivers v.3 - QMGR

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On 5/8/07, Lennert Buytenhek <[email protected]> wrote:
As with Christian's driver, I don't know whether an SRAM allocator
makes much sense.  We can just set up a static allocation map for the
in-tree drivers and leave out the allocator altogether.  I.e. I don't
think it's worth the complexity (and just because the butt-ugly Intel
code has an allocator isn't a very good reason. :-)
Is the qmgr used when the NPEs are utilized as DMA engines? And is the
allocator needed in this case? If yes, I beg you not to drop it,
because we use one NPE for this purpose, and if we are going to adopt
this driver instead of the intel's one, you will receive a patch
adding DMA functionality very soon. ;)
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