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On May 3 2007 09:37, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
>Trent is mentioning an out-of-tree building system to allow easier
>testing of V4L/DVB patches by end users and developers and during driver
>development time. The building system allows faster
>compilation/linkedition during driver development, by allowing you to
>	make menuconfig/qconfig/xconfig
>inside the tree, unselecting the drivers that you're not working.

Is that all? Because you can do

  make drivers/media/video/

today and it will only build that directory (or even
drivers/media/video/foo.o) to only do that one.

>The point rised by Trent is that, currently, this is not prepared to
>handle the "menuconfig" and "if/endif" tags.
>However, the v4l-dvb building system shouldn't stop improvements at the
>kernel building system. So, if there are any limits there, the proper
>solution is to fix the issues, instead of avoiding patches that could
>break it.

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