Re: assembly code in the loadable kernel module

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On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 17:06:48 EDT, "linux-os (Dick Johnson)" said:

>         if(strchr(buf, 'Z'-64) || strchr(buf, 'D'-64))

This probably isn't UTF-8 safe... :)

> Anything after ^D or ^Z doesn't get copied to the list. Something like
> this needs to be done because it's gonna get a whole lot worse because
> all the 'IT' people read the same rags -- so they think that "naked"
> email fails the "due diligence" test. Honest, I'm not making that up!

And here I thought blindly slapping that disclaimer on *everything*, whether
or not it actually called for it, failed "due diligence".  Ain't much diligence,
due or otherwise, in evidence when a "This contains confidential" sticker
gets posted to a worldwide public mailing list...

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