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Mel Gorman wrote:
On (26/04/07 16:50), Nick Piggin didst pronounce:
Fragmentation is the problem. The anti-frag patches don't actually
guarantee anything about fragmentation, and even if they did, then

The grouping pages by mobility do not guarantee anything but the memory
partition (kernelcore= boot parameter) does give hard guarantees about
the amount of memory that is "movable". Of course, the partition requires
configuration at boot-time so it's less than ideal but it does give hard
For the hugepages people, I can understand that's a solution. But that's
the last thing you want to do on a system with a limited amount of memory,
or a regular Joe's desktop/server.

Indeed but then you have to deal with internal fragmentation for pages-larger-than-TLB-page. I'm not saying it's wrong but it does
come with it's own set of issues.
None of them is perfect (the ways to increase the size of pagecache pages,
that is).

I think in the long term, TLB page sizes will probably increase a little
bit... but if a given page size is "good enough" for a CPU, they really
should be good enough for other hardware. I mean, come on, the CPU's TLB
has to have a good hit ratio and handle several lookups per cycle with a
3-cycle latency on 3GHz+ hardware... surely a an IO controller's
scatter-gather engine or IOMMU that has to do a few lookups per disk IO
is nowhere near so critical as a CPU's datapath: just add a few more
entries to it, they've already got hundreds of megs of cache, so that
isn't an issue either.

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